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Tomasello & Weitz is one of the most prestigious maritime law Firms in Chile. Its origins trace back to 1967 when Leslie Tomasello Hart and Gloria Weitz Bravo began their professional practice.

In its present form, Tomasello & Weitz is a Firm that in addition to its important experience in the field of shipping, is able to advice its clients in a wide range of legal, commercial, financial, and real estate matters.

Seven lawyers and their complete supporting personnel comprise the firm. Tomasello & Weitz has additionally structured a network of lawyers in order to provide legal assistance in the main ports of Chile.

Contact Information

Postal Address – Office Valparaíso Phone numbers
Almirante Señoret 70 Oficina 85 (56)-(32) 2252555
P.O.Box 1896 Email

Postal Address – Office Santiago Phone numbers
Av. Nueva Tajamar 555 Oficina 201 (56)-(2) 23611070 / 24817231
Las Condes – Santiago Email

Postal Address – Office Puerto Montt Phone numbers
Antonio Varas 216 – Oficina 1103 (56)-(65) 2383500
Puerto Montt Fax
Chile (56)-(65) 2345969

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