Tomasello & Weitz mainly assists foreign companies related to the maritime business, either directly or by appointment by the respective Protection and Indemnity Clubs. Locally, the Firm advises and helps various shipping companies, freight forwarders and shipping agencies throughout the country.

Within its practice areas, the Firm also advises individuals, companies and various institutions.

In the national maritime field, the Firm assists several shipping companies, freight forwarders, port terminals, shipping agencies and stevedoring companies throughout the country.

The Firm shows a broad experience in processing several administrative and maritime judicial issues, either before the Administrative Authorities, the Ordinary Courts and/or Arbitral Tribunals. It is also responsible for an important list of trials in civil, labour and consumer law matters, in which it represents various Chilean and foreign companies, especially those related to the maritime commerce, shipping, international trade, ports, insurance and reinsurance as well as an important retail company.

Moreover, among its specialization areas, Tomasello & Weitz advises individuals, companies and institutions.